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Pedro Esteves

REJOICE be genuine is a family business, created by Melissa and Donatello: entrepreneurs, travellers, foodies trained in arts and communication, project managers for community intervention initiatives and international volunteering programs in Africa.
We believe that a sustainable future comes by more conscious and creative individuals, and that living and sharing experiences transform communities.
We created REJOICE be genuine. to provide unique mindful experiences focused on local resources. We do that through healthy gastronomy, sustainable lifestyle and cultural events.

Our products:

Our food truck "The Genuine Truck" travels along the roads of the Algarve sharing innovative recipes created with seasonal and local ingredients; we organize workshops and meetings in natural and agricultural environments to offer a true "Genuine Approach"; we hold artistic and cultural events, focused on building regional hubs with "The Genuine Vibe".

Work with us to carry out genuine impact initiatives and create a fruitful and creative regional network!

REJOICE is based in the Portimão area and operates in the Algarve region, boosting its resources and potential in an authentic and sustainable way.


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