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Municipality of Portimão


The creation of StartUp Portimão and the Business Center is the fulfilment of a dream, but above all, it is a very important step in supporting the realization of the dreams of young entrepreneurs and all those who want to accelerate their business here and project their future.

Created to support projects related with the “Smart Cities” in the areas of energy, mobility, tourism, governance and quality of life, the StartUp Portimão benefits from the international environment of the racetrack and the proximity with a large number of people and potential clients with whom they can test their prototypes and validate their products and services.

It’s intended that this becomes a privileged space of sharing, collaboration and cooperation among all, capable of generating new synergies and entrepreneurial potential in the city. Here innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship will come to life!

Welcome to the Business Center and Startup Portimão!

– Isilda Gomes